Pottery | Wheel throwing - Beginner level

Pottery | Wheel throwing - Beginner level

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The Wheel Throwing Beginners Program offers an introduction to the art of ceramics made using the pottery wheel. This module is specifically designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of the material and teach the basic techniques of wheel throwing.

Additionally, the module includes two sessions dedicated to creative exploration with clay. During these sessions, participants will learn two hand-building techniques that allow them to design and create pieces of their choice, expanding their creative possibilities beyond wheel throwing.

Module - Introduction to ceramics and preparing the clay for wheel throwing Throwing a cylinder on the wheel Exploring forms of surface decoration Learning 2 forms of hand building techniques Glazing the products at the end of 12 sessions The glazed pieces will be fired to be collected in 2 weeks.

12 sessions, 3 hours per session

Fees - 14,500/- (Incl of all materials)

Eligibility – Open to beginners. No prior experience required.