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Dori is a Bangalore-based Design studio focused on textiles and ceramics.


Founded in 2014, Dori was born out of a desire to connect back to the roots. We worked with the weavers in Villages near Ilkal, Karnataka to make contemporary clothing for women. Kasuti embroidery has been an integral part of our collections which are hand embroidered through ‘KaiKrafts’, an NGO based in Dharwad who provide skill development and financial independence to women.


Dori has always been artisan-focused and has been part of movements, cohorts, and collaborations with other brands and artists from different genres, keeping and our love for handmade, small batch production and sustainability as a common factor in all the projects.


In 2024, 10 years since the journey began, we are evolving and taking this art of traditional textiles into different mediums and objects. With the introduction of another craft - pottery, we are exploring a new product line keeping the same essence of the brand.

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Designer & Founder

Nikitha Satish, is a Bangalore-based apparel designer and potter.  In 2014 she founded Dori with a vision to honour Indian textiles. Hailing from North Karnataka herself, her desire to work with traditional textiles from the state led her to discover Ilkal. Her initial encounter with the weavers brought in a sense of purpose, driving her commitment to collaborate with Ilkal weavers to introduce versatility to the utilization of this traditional textile.

Through Dori she has collaborated with many brands like - Go Native, Fair Konnect, My roots Desi, Kaiyare, RCB and artists across different art forms.

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